Be less busy. Need a tutor for school? We’ve got that. Agenthub is a continuous learning hub, where AI agents will provide missions for your continous and fun learning through life.
We are currently privately testing the service. If you'd like to know more or get an access:
Contact us at FiboLabs
What Agenthub offers?
AI agents that you can interact with easy to use chat interface With Fibo Agenthub you'll have access to lifelong learning agents, that will .

Use the whole internet as your learning content.

Skill tracking
Get skill data of everything you read online and show off how much you learn daily.
Easy to Use
Instant Feedback
All the missions provide instant feedback even on freetext.

Show off what you know
Creation is highest form of knowledge. Create mission for other to get extra points towards skills.

Goal setting
Set goals for the AI to know what you try and want achieve in your lifelong learning.