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Be online even when you are offline

Tired of putting too much effort on social media? Let Avatars take over! Avatars are here to make their creator (you) proud, help you to achieve an amazing online presence and collaborate within your region. Your avatar automatically reply your friends’ questions, remember work tasks, and even match your friends' schedule to organize a party or movies session!

It's the new way to share your opinion and knowledge, while you get to relax and enjoy all that time you’re saving!

Think of Avatars as an interactive business card, on which people can interact with a virtual representation of you.

Avatars are connected to different chat services
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1. Create an avatar 🤖
2. Have weekly training sessions with your avatar 🧠
3. Share the avatar with friends and coworkers 🚀


Skip repetitive introductions
Your avatar automatically reply repetitive questions.


And even answer
work-related questions
So you can focus on tasks that matter.

Ready-made Templates
to grow your avatar's intelligence 💪🧠




The avatar will be able to introduce himself to others.

Birthday, favorite color, lucky number, happy memories, etc.




Your avatar can let your friends know if you're open for lunches, movies, games, and other social events.

Open/busy schedules, watched movies, favorite bands, party mood, alcohol tolerance, etc.




Professional avatar skills to help you at your daily job. For example, handling & answering repetitive work-related questions to your coworkers.

Work schedule, holiday times, tasks status, instructions, etc.




You avatar will help you have more offline time to enjoy your trip, and will help to log your travel activities to keep your friends up-to-date on your travels.

Check-ins, road trip status, meals, activity log, etc.

🚀 enjoy all the time you’re saving!

golden opportunity
to have an avatar

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